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December 2017
UK & NA Release
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A Scandalous Lady

Pride, prejudice and a shocking secret. Has love any chance at all?

Camilla Knight, respectable Bath lady, has a secret that would ruin her, and her family, if it was ever known. She is also becoming increasingly attracted to Nicholas Lovell, Earl of Ashby which would be delightful - if it were not for the fact that Nicholas is intent on the pursuit of lovely actress Lysette Davide, who just happens to be Miss Knight. What begins as a careless wager for Nicholas becomes a tantalising dilemma as he comes to realise that the two women he is attracted to are one and the same. And neither is a fit wife for the Earl of Ashby. Can love and trust win out over fear and pride?

Please note - This is an extensively revised version of the novel of the same title by Francesca Shaw.


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